Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art

GROUP Group Visitors

We are not accepting large-group visitors (groups with 20 or more members) for the time being.

Group Discounts

Group discounts are available
for groups of more than twenty

900 yen 800 yen
University or
High School
500 yen 400 yen

Group Visitors

Please make a reservation in advance if you are planning to visit the Museum as a group or tour. Please download the Group Application Form, fill out the information, and send the form by fax. We will reconfirm your reservation by fax. Please pay admission fee on the day of your visit by cash or JTB coupons.
Fax: 075-957-3126

For group visitors coming by a charter bus

There is no parking for visitors. Buses are prohibited from crossing the JR Takaradera railroad crossing. If you are coming to the Museum by charter bus, please alight at JR Yamazaki Station.
For parking, please make a reservation at Oyamazaki Senior Citizens’ Human Resources Center seven days in advance, and park coaches at Oyamazaki Municipal Parking Lot for Sightseeing Buses.

Oyamazaki Senior Citizens' Human Resources Center Tel. / Fax: 075-956-7561 (Weekdays: 9:00-17:00)
Inquiries Oyamazaki Town Hall, Seisaku-somu-ka (Tel: 075-956-2101)

*Due to the narrow and uneven road surface at the JR Takaradera railroad crossing, large vehicles, including sightseeing coaches and minibuses, are prohibited from crossing. Please be aware that no bus or coach is allowed to enter, even if only for pickup.