Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art

FACILITIES Accessibility

Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art is located inside a historical building.
The Museum is committed to making the Museum accessible to all visitors.


Elevators are available in the main building and Underground Jewelry Box annex (South Wing).


◎Multi-purpose Toilets

A multi-purpose toilet is installed for wheelchair-users or visitors with infants.

Multi-purpose Toilets


The Museum’s main entrance is graveled. We ask visitors in wheelchair to fax in advance. We will reconfirm your reservation.
Fax: 075-957-3126


◎Special Parking for Disabled Visitors

We ask visitors in wheelchairs to fax in advance, and will reconfirm your reservation. Special parking for disabled visitors people is available, located across from the free shuttle bus stop (by the tunnel). From the parking to the museum reception, there is a 300-meter uphill slope. Please place the parking permit on your car’s windshield. Alternately, permits issued by government bodies are also valid.
Fax: 075-957-3126

*Please visit the access information page for a map of shuttle bus stops.

*The number of parking spaces available is limited.