Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art

Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”
(Orchid Picture Prints)

  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)1
  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)2
  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)3
  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)4
  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)5
  • Shotaro Kaga (edit.) “Rankafu”(Orchid Picture Prints)6


When Shotaro Kaga lived in Oyamazaki Villa (the current main building), the villa was known as a center for orchid cultivation. “Rankafu” illustrates the orchids cultivated in the villa through 83 woodblock prints, 14 color illustrations, and 7 single color photo images—a total of 104 pieces. The woodblock prints employ the ukiyoe technique, and its beautiful coloring and technique are highly regarded both aesthetically and academically.


Shotaro Kaga


Born in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. He inherited his family's securities business in 1911. Around this time he also sought out land in Oyamazaki and over twenty years he built Oyamazaki Villa. As well as his businesses, such as helping to found Nikka Whisky, he was also an accomplished cultivator of orchids.